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One of a kind of University League that covers multiple (minimal 4) Continents, multiple Universities, multiple games and addresses both the esports and entertainment elements, expected to be participated by a few hundred million+ audiences reach during the whole duration.
Match Elimination Mechanism
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Co-host Esports tournaments with Universities in 4 Continents as part of the Preheat event with the top 4 teams in each region’s University League will directly be invited to compete in the Final Tournament at the end of 2022. May cover European Universities after collection of interests from key universities.  

Remarks:  We will approach over 300 universities from our global network to promote the University League and open for signups. Preheat tournaments schedule will vary depending on the agendas and sign up rates of the partners in different regions. Regions will be different depends on the official  arrangement on different games.


Yesports is an HK based leading global esports group covering 60+ countries offering full value chain operations covering tournaments, events, talents management, online education, eCommerce of games/games supplies, blockchain-based services etc. and soon Metaverse ready.

Yesports strategy is to provide an “esports + social media" platform which now manages about 20,000 talents from 50+ countries showcasing talents’ skills and connecting to the corporates, sponsors and markets to maximize economic impact.

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